"The first time I met Adam he insisted on taking me to the airport to return home after a photo shoot, I couldn't believe someone I had just met was so helpful.  

So it was no surprise when he assisted me on a demanding week long photo shoot in Napa that he was unstoppable in doing just about everything that needed to be done; often without even having to be asked.  

If that is not enough, he makes a point to keep the "esprit de corps" of the group at a friendly and fun level.  Thank you Adam!"

-Ira Garber, Photographer
Providence, Rhode Island


"It has been my pleasure to work Adam Traum on many, many assignments and he 
is always a consummate professional, producing top notch work.  From grand opera productions to events and galas, Adam is able to adapt to any situation seamlessly.

What really sets Adam apart, though, is his dedication and commitment to his clients and the sense of ease he instills.  Whenever I book him for a job I know I never have to worry about anything."

Robert Cable, Public Relations Manager for the Los Angeles Opera and former Public Relations Manager for the San Francisco Opera

"When I am shooting a film, I use Adam as our photographer for production stills. His 'eye' for the story is superb. And I always see this in the images he delivers to me."

-Michael Yonchenko, Founder and Co-Principal
Cogent Communications  


"Thanks for the photos, man.  You did a very thorough and excellent job and I might add I desperately needed professional photos. You got some really clean shots and some artsy ones too. Thanks again; you are a consummate pro."

-J.L. Styles, Fingerstyle Guitarist
San Francisco, CA